Internet dating safety tips for women validating credit card numbers in

- An Indianapolis woman told police she was carjacked on a first date this week after meeting the man on an online dating website.

In addition to getting to a know a potential date a little bit before you meet them and having that initial meeting in a public place, dating and communications expert Lisa Mitchell said there are some things you can do before that first date to test the person's temperament.

Using an email account that's not associated with anything other than your dating activities, might be worth considering because if dating site creepers get a hold of your real email address, they can easily search for it on Facebook and likely obtain your Facebook profile which helps them get to know you better than you might want them to.

There are many free and disposable email services available such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Also, your answers to these questions might come back to haunt you later if people you know, such as your coworkers, look at your answers and use them to harm your reputation.

"And sometimes that will escalate into multiple responses that get more aggressive or more derogatory as the person feels they are being dismissed or being rejected.” Mitchell added utilizing the buddy system when dating online is always a good idea.

She gives the time and location of her first dates as well as the name and contact information of the man she's going out with to a friend beforehand and then tells the man about that. My friend also has your information so if I come up missing you’re the first suspect.'" Mitchell said while it can be awkward talking to the person on the phone before meeting can also be beneficial.

While this sounds like a good thing, it can also be potentially dangerous.

Providing information about your location not only tells potential strangers, creepers, and criminals where you are, but it also tells them where you’re not.


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