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Stratford Johns was the undoubted star and became an unlikely sex symbol – his character, Inspector Barlow, went on to have his own series, Barlow At Large. Fascinating fact: Elton John loved the distinctive Z Cars theme tune so much he adopted it as the anthem for his beloved Watford FC.

A female officer taking charge of a police station?

Jason, played by Peter Wyngarde, pulled women with extraordinary ease, even if he did need a topiarist to sort his moustache before he could kiss them.

Alas, some of my personal favourites don't even feature on the list.

The next series will be the last as the old rozzer is hanging up the handcuffs for good.

Fascinating fact: A whopping 18 million viewers watched A Touch Of Frost series finale in 1997.

Fascinating fact: The Morse code featured in the theme tune spelt out Morse's name, Endeavour.

Sometimes, it also revealed the name of the murderer – for those with supersonic hearing.

Peter Falk's shambling detective loved his stubby cigars, Cabriolet convertible, grubby raincoat, opera and unnerving the targets of his investigations by mumbling 'Just one more thing…' right at the end of the conversation, and then nailing them with a damning fact. Luckily, the plots were more exciting than Jack Warner's selection of greeting.The usual suspects have qualified – from Brazil to Germany, England to France – but there are a number of high-profile national sides who have missed out.Who is the greatest television detective of all time?Jack Regan (Thaw) and George Carter (Waterman) were two members of the Metropolitan Police Service's Flying Squad, who specialised in dealing with armed robbery, violent crime and swearing a lot. Fascinating fact: A big screen adaptation is currently in production, with Ray Winstone starring as Regan.Rogueish young Wicksy from East Enders must have taken a joyride in Dr Emmett 'Doc' Brown's De Lorean from Back To The Future to end up as a local bobby in 1960s Yorkshire.A cheerful disposition and a job that requires him to do little more than eat jam tarts at the ubiquitous village fetes where, bizarrely, serial killers always hang out. For the most part, a damaged individual makes a better copper than a contented one.


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