Who is jon richardson dating

There’s not a lot of room at the front, put it that way, but there’s plenty of space behind.” With the experience over (documentary and swingers party alike), Richardson claims to be “well on my way” to growing into a functioning adult man, and admits his month on the road with Forde has altered his perspective.

“You always told me that fundamentally people are good,” Richardson confesses to Forde.

In reality, as a comedian you’re successful because you’re funny, and you should be able to be funny about anything.” Now in his thirties with a mortgage and long-term partner to his name, such a landmark change prompted Richardson to embark on a journey of self-discovery alongside friend, fellow comedian and general optimist, Matt Forde.

The resulting three-part series – Jon Richardson Grows Up – is less a scholarly dissection of adulthood, rather a sideways glance at alternative approaches to money, relationships and parenting, all negotiated while traversing the roads of Britain in a bright orange camper (hence our eccentric interview location).

Jon Richardson revealed his engagement to rising star Lucy Beaumont at the end of his recent Channel 4 show Jon Richardson Grows Up, but Beaumont prefers anecdotes about her native Hull.

“I put my head in the stocks,” Richardson continues, “because I was too shy not to.

In spite of his vast success as a stand-up comic, role as team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats and ability to turn his OCD tendencies and eternal bachelordom into pithy onstage material, Richardson's stock position was always that the glass is half empty.

Ask him about marriage and he'd automatically tell you that it would end in failure, before adding, with deadpan timing, that you only had to check the divorce rates if you didn't believe him.

At this year's Fringe, Alfie Brown and Jessie Cave, and Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley are two couples preparing to spill the beans on their love lives.

It's fun to watch, certainly, but how does it work when you both have access to a microphone – when you're both the funny one in a relationship?


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