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Males would become members of matriarchal households, expected to serve their matriarchs and their wider society, as had been their way for the 500 years since they had wrested control of their home planets from the destructive ways of their males.

The GA let it be known that males in these households could be more than simple slaves: artisans, gardeners, even artists, all under the careful supervision of their matriarchs.

Lacking faith in his future on Earth, Alex decided to present himself at the nearest male volunteer registration centre.

The registration centre was a large, gleaming prefab building erected in a field outside of town.

'You'll need to fill in these simple forms, then we'll start you on your way.' With that she handed Alex a sheaf of forms and directed him to a table and chair.

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Some of the questions were more telling - gauging his attitudes to women, the invasion, and the gynarchic future.

Female guards armed with stun sticks and handcuffs were dotted along the corridors.

The receptionist led Alex into a changing room, where a few males were slowly removing their clothes under the eyes of two watchful guardwomen.

Beyond it in the distance a spaceship sat, ready to take males to their new lives.

Entering the building, Alex observed a row of registration desks, each manned by an alien female.


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