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(2) Before the child's birth he and the child's natural mother have attempted to marry each other by a marriage solemnized in apparent compliance with law, although the attempted marriage is or could be declared invalid, and a.If the attempted marriage may be declared invalid only by a court, the child is born during the attempted marriage, or within 300 days after the termination of the attempted marriage by death, annulment, declaration of invalidity, or divorce; or b.This man has demonstrated very obsessive behaviour towards me; he is also a "recovering" drug addict.I am just curious as to if he would be able to try and drag us through anything he can as he has previously stated.In March 2011, the bio-park was admitted as a member of the WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and declared to be of Departmental Interest by the Río Negro government.

If he is the father he has legal rights, your marriage and current relationship notwithstanding.I don't want child support from him and my husband agrees that it would be best if he was not in our lives. If the "other man" believes he is the father of your child and wants paternity (DNA) testing he will go to Court and require such testing.You need to speak to an Attorney and determine how to handle the birth certificate and discuss your State's Law on paternity in detail.If he persists, the OP can take out a restraining order against him. "'[T]he legal question is whether a man has standing to Bring an action seeking to declare a child illegitimate and To have himself declared the father of that child.As for child support the OP CAN'T ask for it as that would be tantamount to the husband disclaiming the child. This is not Permitted under the [AUPA], as long as there is a Presumed father, pursuant to 26-17-5(a)(1), who has not Disclaimed his status as the child's father; consequently, Another man...There have also been reports of Margays using auditory mimicry in an attempt to lure their prey. This is relatively large for a small cat, and is probably related to the long gestation period.


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